Future of _ Activity

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September 30, 2019

The "Future of_" is an ideation activity to promote innovation & define north stars for future work:

All participants should do secondary research before the session on market & technology trends. Focus on your core business & interesting edge cases.

In the session, generate ideas around the Future of [your industry] in 2030. Encourage the team to be playful and think "out there." Now isn't the time to limit ideas to feasibility.

As a team, group ideas into buckets:

  • Certainties [With nearly total confidence]
  • Possibilities
  • Outliers

Develop a POV around [your product’s] preferred future.

Make market and technology trends a living part of your design team's space and refer back to it occasionally. You want to monitor them to see if potential impacts/opportunities have emerged.

Download the worksheet for this framework
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Download the worksheet for this framework