Heroes, Villains, & Bystanders

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October 23, 2019

Our first guest framework is from contributor Devin Liddell, principal futurist and design strategist at TEAGUE. “Heroes, Villains, and Bystanders” builds on a journey map & how might we with a fun superhero twist as a mental model to structure a generative, ideation session.

Part one

Map out several journeys, processes and flows. Multiple people from different parts of the org should participate in this exercise so that there is duplication from different vantage points.

Looking at the experience identify-

✨"Hero” moments (where we excel)
✨“Villain” moments (where we fall down)
✨“Bystander” moments (those moments that we’re indifferent to but might be worth a critical look)

Cluster Hero, Villain, and Bystander moments in the experience. If you created multiple journeys, bubble them up another level.

Part two: Solves & Superpowers

As a group, prioritize which are the most opportunistic or interesting to generate ideas around.

✨ How might we solve for the villain moments?
✨ How might we superpower the hero moments?

Optional: Create a set of prompts that could be ingredients in these solves & superpowers– e.g., automation, artificial intelligence, smart spaces, flexible spaces, drones, data science, membership models, hyper-personalization, distributed processes, etc.

You’ll find that through this exercise you’ve unlocked perceived blockers or found new ways to look at opportunities to innovate on your product/service.

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Download the worksheet for this framework