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October 3, 2019
Qualitative Research

Hypotheses are assumptions about the future. They should have a strong point of view (POV) and be in direct response to your HMW statement.

Hypotheses are:
✨ informed by research (qualitative & secondary)
✨ inspired by market & technology trends
✨ backed by your experience and intuition as a designer.

Use hypotheses to frame research and experimentation—then be excited when research proves it right or wrong or asks you to build on it.🙃

When ideating around the hypothesis, consider:

✨ Method: how do you intend to carry out your hypothesis?
✨ Output: What do you need to design to prove out your hypothesis?

Included is a 1/2 sheet for scribbling down hypotheses for your project.

Pro tip: Keep track of what hypothesis is in response to which HMW statement using a labelling convention like, A1= A(HMW)1(Hypothesis). You'll have a red thread from idea to hypothesis to HMW statements.

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