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September 30, 2019
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Qualitative Research

A journey map is a method of storytelling used to visualize a person's experience through a specific process. The goal is to externalize and communicate their behavior and underlying motivation to the team or client, and use it as a tool to create empathy and brainstorm around.

Journey maps are helpful at many stages during the design process:

  • Early in the project: It represents the existing user experience
  • During research: It helps identify ideal experiences or user's pain points
  • During solution definition: It describe the new end-to-end experience

Create a scenario(s) to put your persona through that introduces a moment of tension.

  • How are they feeling?
  • What are they thinking?
  • What are they doing?

To use a journey map to brainstorm against we can key in on highs and lows in their experience as opportunities.

For example, we might zoom in on a high point in the journey map and ask:

  • How could we bring it higher?
  • What can we do to bring it forward in the experience?

Or on the low point:

  • How could it have been avoided?
  • How can we help them recover, faster?
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